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WHAT´S GOING ON IN RETAIL®, ninth year in a row, comes to life on November, boosted by new themes and elements. This year's key themes and topics are launches throughout the store value chain, measuring the growth and success of food e-commerce, the importance of customer service and critical touch points, and the transformation, management and leadership of shopping malls. In addition, in the seminar we will discuss about the importance of structured and thought-based communication in the retail environment, as well as a presentation on the outlook for trade after corona pandemia will be held.

As always, the speakers represent retail sales and marketing professionals from Finland and abroad.

In this seminar, you can enjoy tailor-made presentations by leading experts. It is also a great opportunity to discuss and network with the retail professionals. In fact, the attending sales and marketing professionals alone are reason enough to register for the seminar.

The structure and pricing of the seminar have been developed, so you are able to either enjoy performances for the full two days or choose the presentations that interest you from selected days.

Most seminar presentations and the retail expert panel will be in Finnish, but there will be presentations in English, as well.

More information:
+358 50 3100 651 (Markku Mäenpää)